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Thank you very much for our puppy. We named his Sam. He is absolutely adorable and already become the king of the family!

— Anonymous 17.03.2021

I was waiting for this moment so long. My parents never agreed to have a dog. And now I am so happy. My Dolce is my best baby I love her so much.

— Anonymous 21.07.2020

I heard about this breeder from my friend who bought a puppy from them. And I am absolutely happy with my choice and with my dog. Definitely would recommend them.

— Anonymous 08.09.2020

Before I bought a puppy I did so many research. It was not that easy to find a breeder who you can trust. At that moment they didn’t have any Shihtzu puppy available. I was waiting for a new litter about 6 month after I put deposit. Now during the covid to get a dog became so hard.

— Anonymous 20.04.2020
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